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It is that time of the year where winter is here but spring is just around the corner. The weather, climate and hydrology patterns still remain wet across the region. […] (full story)

This past fall, I made the decision to invest in a new subsurface drainage system at the Northwest Research & Outreach Center (NWROC) in Crookston. Over the next several years, […] (full story)

Milk futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange continued higher for the week while cash markets were mixed as butter stocks provide some pressure. January Class III milk up two cents at $17.05.  February up 26 cents at $17.80.  March... (full story)

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Consolidation rules once again (full story)

A young farmer says loans meant to help beginning farmers through USDA were critical for him to start out. Nearly ten years ago Rich Baker asked the question if his father and grandfather would sell him the farm. “And the truck just went quiet,... (full story)

Soybeans were modestly lower on fund and technical selling. Contracts were up early but couldn’t follow through while still waiting for solid signs of improved demand from China. No daily USDA sales announcements have been made since Phase One of the... (full story)

Crude Oil & Natural Gas Numbers Tomorrow & Trading Levels 1.23.2020 (full story)

America Farm Bureau has adopted updated policy to support dairy farmers in the fifth-year limited margins. Vice President Scott Vanderwal says any way to make the pricing system more efficient nationally would help. “The lack of profitability... (full story)

Farming rented ground is a reality for most Minnesota producers. When there’s interest in implementing conservation practices on rented ground, renters and owners will need to come to an agreement. […] (full story)

Mar. corn closed at $3.88 and 3/4, up 1 and 1/4 cents Mar. soybeans closed at $9.13 and 3/4, down 2 and 1/4 cents Mar. soybean meal closed at $297.90, down $1.20 Mar. soybean oil closed at 33.02, up 27 points Mar. wheat closed at $5.77 and 3/4, down... (full story)

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The USDA says additional funds in the 2018 Farm Bill earmarked to improve livestock disease prevention efforts are being put to work. Dr. Sarah Tomlinson with the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service says the increased funds will focus on... (full story)

Iowa Pork Congress is underway Producers are well into the Iowa Pork Congress in Des Moines this week. The event, and trade show, put on by the Iowa Pork Producers Association, showcases new products , and hosts seminars with pork specialists ,... (full story)

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Pork and chicken in cold storage finished last year at all-time highs. The USDA says pork supplies were 580.904 million pounds, an increase of 15% on the year with record production exceeding anticipated demand, and while beef stocks dipped 3% to... (full story)

In an update last week from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City (“Farm Lending Declines at End of 2019“), Nathan Kauffman stated that, “The volume of agricultural lending at commercial banks […] (full story)

For nearly two years, we’ve experienced the highs and lows of the trade war between the U.S. and China. Countless times, they’ve appeared at the brink of resolve only to […] (full story)

Broiler-Type Eggs Set in the United States Up 4 Percent. Broiler-Type Chicks Placed in the United States Up 4 Percent... (full story)

Total natural cheese stocks in refrigerated warehouses on December 31, 2019 were down 1 percent from the previous month and down 2 percent from 2018... (full story)

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The trade - ES, NQ, Crude, Gold, Bonds. (full story)

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American Soybean Association CEO Ryan Findlay says soybean farmers should be pleased with the phase one trade agreement with China. “I think what we need to thankful for is the language that is in the agreement that will impact agriculture mid- to... (full story)

Commentary. When I learned that the Golden Globes, held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, California, would be serving a vegan meal to the thirteen hundred attendees, I immediately though of a friend’s stories from her years as an... (full story)

The biodiesel industry is pushing for policy certainty with the Renewable Fuel Standard. Chad Stone, with the Renewable Energy Group, is the newly elected chairman of the National Biodiesel Board. He says the National Biodiesel Board will... (full story)

Live cattle futures are lower by 12 to 47 cents so far with the June futures down the most. Feeder cattle futures are lower by as much as $1.25 so far. The 01/20 CME Feeder Cattle index was down 23 cents. The Cold Storage report from NASS will be re... (full story)

Front month hog futures are back up for midday, with Apr. futures posting a midday gain of 70 cents. The 01/20 CME Lean Hog Index was 4 cents higher to $60.18. USDA’s Pork Carcass Cutout gained another $1.39 this morning, up to $79.58 cwt. Hams wer... (full story)

Cotton futures are fading the triple digit selloff from yesterday with midday gains of as much as 176 points. The Seam online cotton trading platform started off the week with light holiday trading as 592 bales were sold at 57.32 cents/lb. Last week ... (full story)

Corn prices are moving fractionally to 1 cent lower by midday, with the March futures gaining 1/4 of a cent. The EIA’s weekly update containing ethanol production data will be delayed by a day due to the MLK federal holiday on Monday. Corn exports ... (full story)

Wheat futures are falling back at midday, with the KC market down the most. KC wheat futures are down by 8 3/4 cents at midday, and Chicago wheat futures are lower by 7 cents. MGE HRS wheat futures are down by 4 3/4 cents so far. Algeria purchased at... (full story)

Soybean futures are fractionally lower after yesterday’s sell off. There was more net new selling, with preliminary open interest rising 11,193 contracts on Tuesday. Meal futures are also lower with losses of $0.60/ton in the March futures. March b... (full story)

Corn prices are moving fractionally to 1 cent lower by midday, with the March futures gaining 1/4 of a cent. The EIA’s weekly update containing ethanol production data will be delayed by a day due to the MLK federal holiday on Monday. Corn exports ... (full story)

Minnesota is once again looking to take the lead on renewable fuels. Harold Wolle, a board director for both the Minnesota Corn Growers and National Corn Growers Associations, says MCGA is launching the Better Fuel Initiative. “The tagline... (full story)

Calendars.com  or  Amazon   To order by phone call:  1-800-366-3645 . Rubes 2020 Wall  and desk Calendars  are now available direct from the  publisher  or from Amazon!. Choose from a selection of ten hilarious new titles: ... (full story)

Is it time to test-drive a niche or specialty crop on your farm? Of course, there’s risk, but the rewards could be high. Don’t be afraid to try something new, but at the same time, don’t let the excitement of a new possibility make you lose sight of... (full story)

Direct cash cattle trade is off to a sluggish start this morning.  There are a few early asking prices are starting out around $126 to $127 live in the South and $202 plus dressed in the North.  Packer inquiry is expected to improve as the week... (full story)

Tyson Foods announced a new multi-stakeholder global sustainability initiative alongside the 50th World Economic Forum held this week in Davos, Switzerland. Seeking to advance the “future of global protein,” Tyson has created the “Coalition for... (full story)

Byline: Lisa Foust Prater Yesterday, Kevin Johnson, CEO of Starbucks Coffee Company, published a letter to partners, customers, and stakeholders outlining plans to make the company more sustainable in the coming... (full story)

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NW_GR901,Daily Grain Review,1/22/2020,,,,,,,,, Location,Commodity,Low Price,High Price,Low Price Change,High Price Change,Low Basis,Month,High Basis,Month,Low Basis Change,High Basis... (full story)

TO_GR110 Torrington, WY Wed Jan 22, 2020 USDA-WY Dept of Ag Market News Eastern Wyoming/Western Nebraska Elevator Cash Grain Bids Cash grain bids to farmers delivered to country elevators and feed mills for Wheat, Corn and Soybeans per bushel, Millet and... (full story)

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American Farm Bureau delegates continue to support strong trade policy. At the close of the 2020 AFBF convention in Austin, Texas, Vice President Scott Vanderwal said farmers are ready to see progress with the Trump administration’s recent trade... (full story)

Nearly 50 companies introduced “something new” in the New Product Showcase at the Iowa Pork Congress on Wednesday.  Zoetis Announces New Individual Sow Care Program  Looking to help the U.S. pork industry raise the bar for performance and... (full story)

LR_GR110 Little Rock, AR Wed, Jan 22, 2020 USDA-AR Ag Dept Bid prices to farmers, FOB Memphis elevators by truck Bids Change Basis Change Corn 4.0875-4.1375 UP 1.25 20H to 25H UNCH Soybeans 9.3175-9.3875 DN 2.25-UP... (full story)

WASHINGTON, DC 22-JAN-2020 WA_FV103 ... (full story)

LR_GR111 Little Rock, AR Wed, Jan, 22, 2020 USDA-AR Ag Dept Market News Arkansas Daily Grain Prices quoted are today's closing cash or contract prices del. To these points. Prices are per bushel, except sorghum is per hundredweight (cwt). Compared to last report: Cash soybeans were... (full story)