This week Brad Zimmerman, owner of Seedonomy in central Illinois, highlights the importance of the soil microbiome. Then, he provides products, tips and tricks farmers can use to improve soil profiles and microbiomes on their own operations. ... ... (full story)

RA_FV001 Raleigh, NC-Summary of Farmers' Market Prices in North Carolina Provided by: Fruit & Vegetable Market News Office Federal-State Market News Office - Raleigh, NC Phone: 919-707-3156 Internet Address: http://www.ncagprices.org STATE FARMERS MARKET - RALEIGH,... (full story)

RA_PY002 Raleigh, NC Friday, September 24, 2021 USDA-NC Dept of Ag Market News N.C. BROILER-FRYERS: The market tone is steady and the live supply is adequate to meet the moderate demand. Average weights are mostly desirable. The estimated slaughter for Friday and Saturday in... (full story)

The United States joined dozens of countries at a UN-sponsored food summit in pledging on Thursday to reduce world hunger. The Biden administration said it would put $10 billion into the effort, half of it to be spent domestically and half... (full story)

The Biden administration has a crisis at the border but for energy traders, they’re probably more focused on the coming energy crisis. The combination of a slow comeback in Gulf oil production after hurricane Ida an energy policy by the Biden administration that is discouraging oil and gas production, is... (full story)

Farmers and landowners would share a combined $5 billion in payments for planting cover crops to reduce soil erosion and nutrient runoff under a proposal written by farm state Democrats in the Senate and House. The package would also boost spending... (full story)

On Thursday, our system booked profits on the balance of CLX length. Indicators keep HOV on the sideline. The DVA aggressive mode triggered new length yesterday in both RBV and NGV. (full story)

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WA_LS718 Des Moines, IA Fri Sep 24, 2021 USDA Market News Canadian Livestock Prices and Federal Inspected Slaughter Figures Info for Week Ending September 17, 2021 Area: Alberta Direct Sales, 4% Shrink Slaughter Steers, mostly Choice and Select 1-3, 1300-1500 lbs ... (full story)

You’re not alone. The majority of your farming peers also suffer from one-year memories. It’s so easy to make big decisions based on your most recent experience. “If a hybrid performed very well on your favorite farm, it is hard to decide to not buy... (full story)

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TV_LS100 Thomasville, GA Fri Sep 24, 2021 USDA-GA Dept Ag Market News Atlanta Information for AP Cattle and Calves: At Georgia auction markets at late week medium 1-2 300-400 lb feeder steers sold at 148.00 to 180.00; 400-500 lbs 130.00 to 170.00; 500-600 lbs 122.00 to... (full story)

Educational and Actionable information using Fibonacci (full story)

AJ_PY029 Atlanta, GA Fri. Sep 24, 2021 USDA Market News Daily Weighted Average Trailer Load Egg Sales ... (full story)

AL_LS627 Las Cruces, NM Resumen Semanal de Importaci�n Departamento de Agricultura de Ganado de Mexico a Los Estados de Los Estados Unidos de Unidos de Norte America Norte America Noticias de... (full story)

AL_LS626 Las Cruces, N.M. Friday September 24, 2021 Mexico to TX. & NM. Weekly Feeder Cattle Import Summary Receipts EST: 9,000 Week ago Act: 7,652 Year ago Act: 15,102 Compared to last week, steer calves and and yearlings sold... (full story)

AL_LS603 Las Cruces, NM Feeder Cattle September 24, 2021 Daily Import Total Sales September 22, 2021 Santa Teresa, NM. EST: 2400 Compared to Wednesday, steer calves and yearlings... (full story)

AUDIOUSD is coming nicely down from projected 78,6% Fibonacci resistance. Currently we are tracking wave C decline that can belong to a big bullish triangle pattern or maybe even deeper flat correction. (full story)

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Soybeans are trading mostly 2 cents per bushel lower this morning. Front month soybean futures were higher on Thursday, though gains were limited to 2 1/4 cents. Preliminary open interest showed some net new buying, rising 4,678 contracts across all months. Red Nov prices were a penny higher to $12.53/bu.... (full story)

Corn futures are 1 to 2 cents lower this morning, seeing a little pre-weekend profit taking. At the close for the Thursday session corn was 3 3/4 to 4 1/2 cents higher. Positions were being actively rolled out of December into March, looking at the OI statistics. Red December prices... (full story)

The three US wheat markets are all lower going into the morning break, by 2 to 4 cents. Front month wheat futures added another double digits to several contract months on Thursday. CBT SRW futures closed 9 1/4 to 12 3/4 cents higher. Some net new buying interest was involved,... (full story)

Live cattle futures were within 7 cents of UNCH on Thursday in some 2021 contracts. The 2022 contracts extended gains, however, closing 35 to 42 cents in the black. USDA says cash trade for the week has remained light mostly at $123-$124 in the South and $124 in NE. The... (full story)

Cotton futures ended the Thursday session with triple digit gains of 113 to 159 points. At the close December was 13 above the week’s start price, having fully erased Monday’s collapse. This morning futures are trading 1 to 33 points lower, with December the weakest on pre-weekend profit taking. The... (full story)

Lean hog futures ended the Thursday round of trade with triple digit gains, led by a $3.12 recovery in December. Haiti confirmed its first ASF case since 2014. USDA’s National Average Base hog price for Thursday PM was $76.53 after a 63 cent drop. The CME Lean Hog Index for... (full story)

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The drama in Commodities seems drawn straight from the book and television series, with almost as much carnage. (full story)

NW_PY046 Des Moines, IA Fri. Sep 24, 2021 USDA Market News Weekly Central Region Ducklings ... (full story)

HC_PY005 Des Moines, IA Fri. Sep 24, 2021 USDA Market News Weekly San Francisco Rabbits ... (full story)

Sponsored by Pivot Bio PROVEN Looking ahead, the 6- to 10-day outlook calls for the likelihood of near- or above-normal temperatures nationwide, except for cooler-than-normal conditions in the Pacific Coast States and the western Great Basin.... (full story)

Yesterday the markets soared as a continuation of Wednesday's upward trend. Will that change today? (full story)

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Arabica Coffee (KC) rallied more than 3% yesterday, breaking above triangle resistance (on the 4hr chart). Significantly, with yesterday’s surge, KC is suddenly at the daily chart triangle resistance, and testing the downtrend resistance (on the weekly chart) connecting the July and September highs. KC is now no longer likely to retest before month end the August low. (full story)

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